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Transform Insights into Action with Cuttly Surveys. Dive deep into what your audience thinks with our easy-to-use survey platform. Tailor your surveys with a variety of question types to capture the insights you need. Share them effortlessly with a click-friendly link, and watch the responses roll in. Analyze your data with our intuitive dashboard to make informed decisions. Cuttly Surveys makes understanding your audience simpler, faster, and more effective.

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Question types

  • Multiple-Choice (Checkboxes): Best for questions that may have multiple answers, allowing respondents to select several options..
  • Radio Buttons: Ideal for single-choice questions where only one answer is possible.
  • Text Fields: Capture open-ended responses to gain detailed insights.
  • Range Sliders: Let respondents specify a value within a range, ideal for measuring intensity or frequency.
  • Star Ratings: Provide a visual and intuitive way for users to rate a service or product.
  • Number Ratings: Collect quantifiable data on opinions or experiences with numeric scales.
  • Dropdown Select: Save space with a list of options in a dropdown menu, perfect for long lists of choices.

Here are examples of Cuttly Surveys:
Cuttly Survey Product Feedback Form Customer Satisfaction Survey

URL Shortener

Cuttly serves as a user-friendly URL shortener that simplifies the process of managing and shortening links, including branded ones. Enhance your brand's growth and business potential by utilizing short, memorable, and engaging links with Cuttly's versatile platform.

Cuttly More Than Just a URL Shortener

Cuttly is a comprehensive, ever-evolving platform for link shortening that combines innovation and user-friendliness to deliver a seamless experience in managing and shortening URLs.

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