How to navigate link features?

Cuttly is a link management platform that allows you to shorten links, track the click-through rates of individual links and professionally manage links.

The image below shows the options available for managing a short link:


1. Selecting and deselecting links.
Each link can be selected and an action can be performed for selected links. On the left side of selecting the links there is a menu with available actions to be performed.
The available actions are:
hide the link
adding to favorites
creating a collective link

2. Title of the shortened link.

3. Source link, i.e. the target link to which the short link redirects.

4. Short link.

5. Available actions for managing and editing the link.
The available actions are:
Copying a short link
Change url alias / name
Set a password
Mobile link redirect
Change url / unique clicks
Manage title
Link redirect expiration
Pixel settings
Test A/B or A/B/C
QR code
Remove link
Share on facebook
Share on twitter

6. Date of adding the short link.

7. Link to short link click statistics.

8. Tag.

More detailed descriptions of how to use the various features for editing short links can be found here: Cuttly short link features.
Some features are available only in paid subscription plans. All service features and price list can be seen here: Cuttly features and pricing.