What is URL Shortener?

URL Shortener is a service that allows you to turn a long link into a short link that leads to the same address. Cuttly is URL Shortener.

Link shortening is very useful when we want to send someone a link, but it is very long and due to the limitations of the number of characters we cannot fit it in, for example, in a text message. This, of course, is just one of the reasons for shortening long links.

The shortened link in Cuttly can also track and check the number and type of clicks.

We can convert any long link into a random short link.

The main task of shortening links is to replace a long link with a better and more memorable short link. In a short link, we can determine the end of the link ourselves (so-called: alias, slug).

We can also create our own branded links that are much better click-through than regular short links. You can create branded links by connecting your own domain to the Cuttly link shortening service.