- free custom URL Shortener with great free features

Free custom URL Shortener

After shortening your URL the system will generate special options for you:

- It will generate the date shortened link was created and the url, name of original URL
- Below is your shortened link, copy it with copy button.
- Change URL alias / name - you can change alias name of your shortened link into your own / custom.
- QR code button - after click it will generate QR code for your shortened link, you can click the right mouse button and save the QR code as .PNG file. You can use it everywhere, even on flyers.
- Clicks is a link button to the page with advanced statistics for your shortened URL.

Sortable list of shortened URLs
- Drag and drop shortened link to sort it - it will save automatically the new sequence

Tagging links
- You can tag a short URL to find it easier

Preview mode
- - URL Shortener - preview mode gives you the oopportunity to check the original url before you will redirect to it. This option was made to prevent spam and unwanted links. It is easy to use it: Preview mode

Cutt URL button
- Improve links shortening with "Cutt URL" button. Drag the button to your browser’s toolbar and start to use it. Now when browsing any websites, whenever you click on the "Cutt URL" button, you will shorten and simplify it’s url using cuttly - free custom URL Shortener. You can try it here: Cutt URL

Check URL
- Do not want to use preview mode but you need to check what is the original URL? Check it here: Check your shortened URL

UTM code generator (for registered only)

Advanced links tracking system

Shortened URLs are measuring advanced click stats for you.

It means that you can watch real-time statistics for your shortened links - all for free:

Total number of clicks
Real-time stats of clicks for each day.

Source of clicks
Clicks by sources, short links tracking system shows where the link was clicked, included popular social media: facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, google plus, linkedin and other (other are: direct clicks, email clicks, sms clicks and also bot clicks).

Clicks by browser
Short links tracking system shows in which browsers the link was clicked.

Clicks by devices
Short links tracking system shows in which devices the link was clicked (desktop, mobile, tablet, other).

Clicks by operating systems
Short links tracking system shows in which operating systems the link was clicked (even windows version).

Clicks by geo location
Short links tracking system shows in which country the link was clicked.

Free custom URL Shortener

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