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Elevate your digital presence with Cutt.ly's URL Shortener, a tool designed to make your links more manageable, memorable, and meaningful. This powerful feature not only shortens your URLs, making them easy to share, but also enhances your brand visibility and tracks user engagement with comprehensive analytics. Perfect for businesses and individuals aiming to optimize their online interactions, our URL Shortener is your gateway to a cleaner, more effective online communication strategy.

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Cuttly is a Link Management Platform and URL shortener that was created out of passion to support your brand and your needs.

Cuttly has many features for managing short links, including changing the back-half of the link, adding UTM codes for campaign tracking, links with A/B/C testing, pixel retargeting, mobile redirects due to the operating system of mobile devices, changing of target URL, changing destination URL redirects after reaching short link clicks indicated or by date, tracking of unique clicks and much more.

Cutt.ly - URL Shortener - Use Custom Branded Domain for link shortening

By checking short links in your dashboard, you can perform additional actions for them, such as: creating a link in bio from selected short links, hiding links, adding them to your favourites list or merging links into one bulk link.

Create your own brand short links with cutt.ly

Link shortener that supports your brand

Create your own branded short links with Cuttly.

Make your links generate more clicks and support your brand. Learn more about your link's click-through rates in extensive click analytics. Check who clicks your links and how, on what devices and from what locations.

A short link in your own domain.

Unleash the potential of your links. Make your audience receive links that are friendly and readable. Keep your links short, but convey much more content so your customers can see you better.

URL Shortener

Cuttly serves as a user-friendly URL shortener that simplifies the process of managing and shortening links, including branded ones. Enhance your brand's growth and business potential by utilizing short, memorable, and engaging links with Cuttly's versatile platform.

Cuttly More Than Just a URL Shortener

Cuttly is a comprehensive, ever-evolving platform for link shortening that combines innovation and user-friendliness to deliver a seamless experience in managing and shortening URLs.

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