How to generate the QR code for short link?

In Cuttly you can generate a QR code for any short link. Remember that if you change the alias, the name of the link also changes to the QR code.

To generate a QR code:

1. Log in to your Cuttly account.

2. Go to the list of short links in your dashboard.

3. Click on the QR code generation icon.

Cuttly - url shortener - change short link alias

4. A side panel with a QR code will appear. In the side panel, you can freely edit the QR code and adapt it to your needs (QR code editing is available with any paid subscription plan.). You can also add your own logo/picture. After generating the QR code, always check its correctness.

Cuttly - url shortener - change short link alias

5. You can download the QR code in supported formats by clicking on the download icon.

Find out more about the options available in your subscription plan here: Cuttly pricing and features