How to add alternative redirects for mobile links?

You can add alternative redirects for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and additional redirect alternatives for devices other than laptops and desktops.

To add alternative short link redirects for mobile devices - you should:

1. Log in to your Cuttly account.

2. Go to the list of short links in your dashboard.

3. Click the button for adding alternative redirects for the selected short link.

Cuttly - url shortener - change short link alias

4. The screen for adding alternative redirects will open, where you can add alternative redirections for mobile devices for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and additional redirects for any other system on mobile devices. After you have completed alternative redirects, save your changes. You can add all or only selected alternative redirects. After adding them, you can delete and modify them.

Cuttly - url shortener - change short link alias

5. Now, when someone opens a short link on a mobile device with the selected system, the link will be redirected to the added alternative source link.

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