How to edit styles/templates for a link in bio?

1. Log in to your Cuttly account and go to the Link-in-Bio section.

Cuttly - url shortener

2. Proceed to edit the selected link in bio.

Cuttly - url shortener

3. Click the "Edit Template" button.

Cuttly - url shortener

4. A side panel will slide out, where you will find options to edit template styles:

a. Main link - shape options:

b. Main link - fill mode options:
Filled with dark / slightly transparent
Filled with white
Outline dark
Outline white
Outline grey

c. Header style options:

d. Header text color options:
Light Text
Dark Text
Grey Text

e. Font Family options:
more fonts will be added progressively

Cuttly - url shortener

5. After making your selections, click the "Save" button to save the changes.

Note: Make sure that the chosen styles complement the background and that all elements are visible and legible. If necessary, make adjustments.

Find out more about the options available in your subscription plan here: Cuttly pricing and features