QR code and changing the target link

There may be situations where you have printed flyers, packaging, etc., with a QR code, but the target address has changed.

What can you do?
With Cutt.ly, you can easily change the target link for a short link without changing the name of the short link. If you don't change the name of the short link, the QR code will still work correctly.

How to change just the target address?
See here: How to change the source URL in a short link?. This way, your QR code will still work correctly.

Note: Any change that interferes with the name of the short link or link in bio, etc., will cause the QR code to stop working properly. Instead, use the option to change the target address if you need to use the same QR code to redirect recipients to a different target link.

Find out more about the options available in your subscription plan here: Cuttly pricing and features