QR code and short link change

QR codes in Cuttly are generated for short links, link in bio, etc. Any change that affects the short link back-half, link in bio back-half etc., causes the QR code to change as well and needs to be regenerated.

Keep in mind that any change affecting the name of the short link will cause the previously generated QR code to stop working. Be careful when changing the name of a short link or link in bio if you are using a generated QR code for it. The QR code will not work properly in that case.

Remember, if you need to change the target URL, you can do so without changing the short link. To do this, use the option to change the target/source link described here: How to change the source URL in a short link?

Note: Be cautious when altering the name of a short link or link in bio, as it will cause the associated QR code to become invalid. To avoid issues, make any necessary changes to the target URL without modifying the short link itself.

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