How do I set up SSL and HTTPS for my custom domain?

In Cuttly you can manage and set up an SSL (HTTPS) certificate for your custom domain. Some options require a paid subscription plan.

To edit SSL / HTTPS settings for a custom domain:

1. Log in to your Cuttly account.

2. Go to the dashboard.

3. Go to "Edit account".

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4. In the section of your custom domain for which you want to edit SSL settings, click "SSL settings".

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5. A side panel will appear where you can edit SSL settings for your custom domain.

6. Select the appropriate setting.

My domain is only - http:// - this option will make short links created in this custom domain without an SSL certificate.

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My domain has SSL certificate - https:// - this option requires external and independent SSL setup using an external service. To add your own SSL certificate to your domain associated with, you need to use any solution that offers websites such as: CloudFlare ( Custom-SSL-certificates)

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Let's Encrypt SSL - We have developed a solution that allows you to automatically add the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. One click is enough and our script will install the Let's Encrypt certificate and take care of its automatic renewal. To use this solution, you must have a minimum Single subscription plan. Before installing the SSL Let's Encrypt certificate, see the limits imposed by the issuer:

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7. After making the settings, click "Change" to save the changes.

Find out more about the options available in your subscription plan here: Cuttly pricing and features