Where to find the DNS A parameter needed to configure custom domain?

Remember that all custom domain settings like DNS A and DNS TXT are up to you and you as the domain owner can access them. You can't change or edit them on Cuttly - that's impossible.

DNS A record settings can be found in your domain provider's dashboard. Here you can edit or add DNS A record.

It is usually located in the settings category, more precisely in DNS settings.

Here is an example of adding a DNS A reocord - it includes parameters like:

Cuttly - url shortener

Type: we choose A

Name: use @ for the root directory - if you are editing a domain or subdomain. In some cases, you need to enter a domain or subdomain.

IP: enter the IP address provided in the Cuttly dashboard when adding the domain.

TTL: we leave the default parameters or change them at our discretion.

After the correct configuration of the DNS A record, your custom domain will look like this: https://c-doma.in

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