How to add custom domain to a team?

1. Only the team owner can add a custom domain to a team.

2. The domain must be added to the main dashboard of the team owner beforehand.

a. Find instructions on how to add a custom domain in Cuttly here:
b. Learn more about custom domains here:

3. The team owner should navigate to the desired Team on the website.

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4. Access the "Team settings".

Cuttly - url shortener

5. Select the "Add new domain" tab.

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6. A sidebar panel will appear, where you can choose one of the available custom domains.

7. Click the "Add+" button to add the selected domain to the team.

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8. The added domain will now be available in the team dashboard for shortening links and can also be used through the team's API.

Cuttly - url shortener

Note: Ensure that you follow the guidelines and instructions provided by Cuttly for proper domain setup and usage.

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